Wednesday, 2 June 2021

PFY Late For Work

Arrived at work today with an urgent email from the PFY asking us to call him on his mobile phone as he cant ring us as his battery has died!

What he meant was, his work phone has died and our numbers were not in his personal mobile phone.. anyway, so why did we need to urgently ring him??

Assuming the worst that he was in A&E with a broken leg or something, we rang him to see what was going on...

Whilst overtaking a vehicle at 85MPH his front tyre exploded!

It turns out he was doing 65MPH (didnt he originally say 85MPG?) and his tyre spontaneously combusted causing him to narrowly miss hitting the central reservation of the A45 on his way to work.

He managed to limp along to a laybay and change the tyre and then trundled along to Kwik Fit to get his tyre changed.

When he arrived at work he went on to say he was travelling at 75MPH (wasn't it 85MPH or 65MPH?!) and the front tyre burst and that not only did he narrowly miss the central reservation the back end started to go so he nearly ended up doing a Kylie Mingogue (i.e. Spinning Around)...


What speed was he really doing?!

A - 85MPH (as he originally stated)
B - 65MPH
C - 75MPH
D - 115MPH as he's known at work as a bit of a Nigel (Mansell)

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