Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Ninjas Dont Wear Black!

James has his Mind Blown very early this morning - at just 08:20 James thought that Ninjas dressed in black whereas actually they dressed in dark blue or yellowish-red clothing.

Although wearing black they wouldn't be seen at night, they'd stick out like a sore thumb during the daylight hours so wearing something yellowish-red or dark blue would help them disappear at night but blend in during the day as Farmers tended to wear yellowish/red clothing for example.

So why do we think they just wear plain black?  Well the word on the street is that prop handlers in theatres wore Ninja style outfits that were all black so they could try and hide on set as they moved props around during a play and it's at a play that most people would see a Ninja style costume as after all, Ninjas were effectively spies so were trying to prevent people spotting them!

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