Thursday, 17 December 2020

Electric Car Charging - A House!

UK Electricity provider OVO has recently announced that you can affective charge your house from your car!

They have a tariff where you can charge your car overnight for less than what it would cost in the daytime.

If you then either don't use your car or only use it for a short distance, you therefore have some cheaper electricity stored in your cars batteries going to waste, so OVO are trialling a box that will not only charge your car up using the cheaper electricity at night, but will also enable you to use any leftover cheap electricity in your home during the day!

As with most modern things, this is all controlled via an app where you can limit how much electricity you can syphon off so if you're planning on a journey etc. you can make sure you have enough juice to get you there and back!

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Tuesday, 15 December 2020

HP Don't Make HP LaserJet Printers

If anyone can Canon can was an old marketing strapline used by Canon to sell their products.  Well today James learnt that if anyone can, HP can't so they get Canon to instead!

The first ever HP LaserJet printer was basically Canon inside and in more recent years (since 2016) Canon exclusively make the printers and toners for HP.

This is why sometimes when you get a spare part from a supplier, a Canon branded part may arrive - this is not an error as a lot of people think as they don't realise the inside/engine of a HP LaserJet printer is more often than not, from Canon.

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Ninjas Dont Wear Black!

James has his Mind Blown very early this morning - at just 08:20 James thought that Ninjas dressed in black whereas actually they dressed in dark blue or yellowish-red clothing.

Although wearing black they wouldn't be seen at night, they'd stick out like a sore thumb during the daylight hours so wearing something yellowish-red or dark blue would help them disappear at night but blend in during the day as Farmers tended to wear yellowish/red clothing for example.

So why do we think they just wear plain black?  Well the word on the street is that prop handlers in theatres wore Ninja style outfits that were all black so they could try and hide on set as they moved props around during a play and it's at a play that most people would see a Ninja style costume as after all, Ninjas were effectively spies so were trying to prevent people spotting them!

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Thursday, 10 December 2020

Mind Blowing Laptop Power Supply!

Some days more than one Mind Blowing thing happens and today is one of those days!

An incident came in on the hell-desk from an end user requesting a replacement power supply for their laptop...

They went on to say that they were "unsure" if it was related to the faulty adapter with bare wires showing, but they were "very statically charged" as they kept on getting "zapped" by static electricity from holding the bare wires together to allow the laptop to charge!

They went on to say the zapping was "nothing major [and] just a strong static shock" their 'logic' was that they only got zapped with strong static electricity when they touched the bare wires!


If you look at the photo below you will see when we ALL had a Mind Blowing moment!

HOW on Earth was this charging a laptop???

Cyberpunk 2077 Release Day

Today James' mind was blown after the realisation that the much awaited game Cyberpunk 2077 was released today on not only all major consoles and the PC - but it is also available to buy and play on Stadia which is a Cloud Based gaming service by Google!

No computer or console is required to play this latest release - it was this part that BLEW JAMES MIND!

All you need is access to either the App on an Android device or access to the Chrome web browser.  You don't even need a PC for the browser as you an just use a simple Google Chromecast device hooked up directly to your TV and play in 4K HDR with up to 5.1 Surround Sound - MORE MIND BLOWING NEWS!

Mind Blowing Quotes

"But what about the lag?!"
"I bet it wont be 4K"
"This is not possible"

If it didn't work, a giant like Google wouldn't release the latest jaw-dropping games on it would they?!

Mind Blowing Facts
  • The speed of light is approximately 1,080,000,000 Kilometers per Hour!
  • The speed of Electricity (or Electron Flow) is near as dammit the speed of light but becomes slower when going around circuit etc.

Wednesday, 9 December 2020

Pouring Juice From A Carton The Wrong Way

It has transpired that since the dawn of time we have all been pouring juice cartons in the wrong way risking splashing the cartons contents all over the place!  The correct way to pour it is either form the side or the top (not the bottom as most of us tend to do) and that way you'll get fewer splashes!

After recovering from being MIND BLOWN James tried using the correct method to pour some Oat Milk (don't ask! We think he's turning in to a Vegetarian/Vegan) and somehow managed to spill some - it turns out he wasn't using the correct method correctly!

If there is a flap near the pouring spout you need to do this:


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The Sun - Pouring Fruit Juice Wrong

Reddit - How to properly pour a beverage from a box or carton

Tuesday, 8 December 2020

Making Coffee Using Thermodynamics

After nearly falling over in shock at the state of James' mug (which he assured me he has just thoroughly cleaned) I watched in amazement as he fussily 'crafted' his coffee by first pouring milk in to his 'freshly cleaned mug' and then proceeded to put it in the microwave for 30 seconds or so!

When I asked what on Earth he was doing he told me I wouldn't understand unless I knew about THERMODYNAMICS!!

He did offer to explain the thermodynamic way of crafting a cup of coffee but I had to decline his Mind Blowing offer as I had no interest in learning how to over-engineer a mug of coffee as I had more important things to do such a counting all the staples left in all the office staplers...

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